Statement of Faith

One of the hard things about studying the Catholic faith online is not knowing where the authors of a website are coming from. If the author is not Catholic some of their views are not going to agree with the Catholic faith. You need not worry about The Catholic Optimizer. I am Roman Catholic. I agree and follow every teaching from the Bible and the Catholic Church in Rome. I am a layperson, so my thoughts will not have the weight of the priests or bishops, but I do my best to learn and write the full truth. Rest assured that all of my writings are in line with the Roman Catholic Church. There are many areas where individual Catholics need to interpret teaching though. This is especially true with many of the Church’s rules in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The Catechism does not always say exactly what the individual Catholic should do. For example, the Catechism says Catholics should donate to the Church and the poor but does not state how much each person should donate. My ideal is to donate 10% of my income to the Church and poor. Sometimes my expenses are too high, but I am always trying. Someone that makes more than me should probably donate more than 10%. In the same vein, someone that makes less than me may only have enough extra money to donate 5%. Each person needs to interpret this call (donating money) according to their situation in life.