My name is Jared, and I am a devout lay Catholic. That means I organize my life around my faith. My religion is not simply something to add on to my existing life. My religion dictates my life. At the same time I have the unique personality that God gave me. When trying to come up with a single theme or concept to define my personality, optimization came to mind. I was gifted with a math brain, and along with that comes efficiency. I am always looking to improve myself, in my religion, at work, even sometimes at play. Those two things, Catholicism and optimization, color all my philosophies and ideals.

This website serves two purposes. The first is to help you, the reader, understand the Catholic faith more deeply. I hope that through my articles you will learn something new about the faith. I also hope to make your belief in the faith more fulfilling. I want you to be excited about your faith, so you will want all your friends and family to be Catholic. The second purpose is to contain all of my own efforts at optimizing my life around the faith. Hopefully, my life can be an example to others. Readers can learn about everything I value in life, all my priorities. I try to make sure everything I do has a good reason. I don’t want to wander aimlessly; I want to be working towards holiness or sainthood. I don’t ever expect to get there, but I will always try.

Please read my Projects page for more details. Also, please see my Statement of Faith if you have any doubts about the integrity of my beliefs.