Video Game Thoughts: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins was a 1992 platformer game by Nintendo for the Nintendo Game Boy. This game was an absolute classic on the Game Boy. I never liked the first game because it made too many concessions compared to the home console Mario games, but Super Mario Land 2 was right up there with the console games. It was a faithful adaption of the formula. The game was stuck with the monochrome color palette that all Game Boy games were restricted to, but the textures and animations were just as good as those on the older Mario games like Super Mario Bros.

In the story, Mario’s evil brother, Wario, had sealed himself inside Mario’s castle. The only way to break the seal and defeat Wario was to collect the 6 Golden Coins. There just happened to be one world for each Golden Coin. They all had their own unique themes like in Super Mario Bros. 3. Mario had mostly the same power-ups as the previous games. I think there were a few new ones, but I don’t remember them now.

Because Super Mario Land 2 was a handheld game, Nintendo made the gameplay easier than the console Mario games. I remember easily collecting lots of extra lives. Most of them came from a simple mini-game the player could gain access to after each level. In this mini-game I got the timing down so well, I almost always gained 3 extra lives. I still had fun, but the low difficult made the levels fly by. The game probably only occupied me for a week. There was no replay value either. Once I finished all the levels and beat the game, playing more was just be repeating the same stuff over and over. It wasn’t all bad though.

Super Mario Land 2 was one of my first Game Boy games and quite good for it’s time. The game sold so well it was considered “Player’s Choice” and offered at a discounted price. It ended up being a great game during vacations. Some of my other games were so long I couldn’t finish them before vacation was over, but I found Super Mario Land 2 to be the perfect length. I usually had just enough time to be finishing it up on the return trip home. I don’t find Super Mario Land 2 to be all that fun now, but it was very enjoyable to me at the time.


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