Book Thoughts: Made for More

Made for More was a 2010 Catholic book by Curtis Martin. This is one of the many books I have received for free from my parish. In this case, it was meant to be a short book to read during Advent. It only had around 115 pages with six short chapters. Like most Catholic books, it was non-fiction. The first five chapters dealt with convincing the reader of the truth in Catholic doctrines. Many Catholics don’t really know why the Church has certain doctrines, so this book served to educate them. In the sixth and last chapter, the author used the story of his conversion to illustrate how to use the knowledge of this truth to believe more fully and then take the next step in the faith. The next step is becoming active rather than passive in the faith. Active believers are going out into the word spreading the Gospel and serving those in need. Passive believers mostly just go to mass every week. They aren’t very engaged in the faith. They might still be believe deeply, but they don’t do much about it.

I found the reading to be very easy. That fit very well with the purpose of the book. Made for More was written to get Catholics excited about their faith and take action. While great for the lukewarm believers, it wasn’t the best book for me. I am already excited about the faith and actively working to do good. I recognize that the vast majority of Catholics are not, so this would be a better book from the parish’s standpoint. I am at the point where I can do my own research and study of the faith. I don’t need the urging of a free book to do that.

Made for More served as a good refresher on many of the logical reasons why we Catholics believe what we do. The book reminded me very much of The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. It, too, focused on all the arguments to explain the faith, but The Case for Christ went into much more depth. Of the two, however, I thought Made for More was a little better. The Case for Christ was a book for academic study, with countless references to other sources, the idea being that the readers could to do all the research for themselves and come to the same conclusion.

In the end, I didn’t get a whole lot out of Made for More, but I never pass up the chance to read a Catholic book. I think it will be a good resource anytime I forget about the arguments that explain the core beliefs of the Church. That won’t happen often, but for those occasions, I will have an easy resource to look up the truth. Until then, I will continue working to do good in the world, preparing myself to go to heaven and doing my best to help others do the same.


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