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This page lists all my efforts on this blog to “Optimize Your Life Around the Catholic Faith”. My overall goal is to aid you on your faith journey to sainthood and to heaven to love God for all eternity. It is not easy, and I’m not there myself either, but nearly everything on this blog is part of this goal.


Reflections on Loving God

Everything God calls you to do can be broken down into just one commandment: to love. The whole faith is God’s way to teach you how to love. In fact, everything that God does is love, so the whole faith is simply God teaching you how to be like him. With all the many details in the Bible, it’s easy to lose sight of this bigger picture. In Reflections on Loving God, the focus is completely on love and loving God, so that you can some day achieve perfect union with God.

I have listed the reflections in the order I wrote them as well as separated by category, depending on your interest:

Definitions of Love:

How God Loves You:

Ways to Love God:

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Catholic Insights

Insights aren’t really new information, just a different view of the same thing. Since everyone learns differently, some people will find one explanation easier to understand than another. Many times insights come to me while studying the faith that help me gain new understanding. Then I write them down in case they can benefit anyone else. Sometimes these will be a different way of looking at some aspect of the faith, which can change how a person sees it going forward. Other times these will be short guides with the idea to help you become better at practicing the faith.

Catholic Analysis

There is a wealth of knowledge out there from the Popes, the Church, the saints, and other religious people. Real growth in the faith can happen while reading these, so I try to find interesting content in these sources and write about it here. While I primarily study writings, I leave the option open to study other Catholic works such as movies. It is easiest to study writing as the author has the time to really dig deep into theology.

Entertainment Thoughts

The original purpose of this project was to help me reduce my attachments to material goods. I would write my thoughts about something to preserve my memories and then give it away. That’s all done now, so these days I only write thoughts on Catholic works in case it helps fellow believers pick out books to read or movies to watch.

Personal Thoughts

Sometimes I write about more personal things to give readers a fuller picture of who I am and how that influences my efforts to guide the reader to sainthood. Personal Thoughts is mostly a catch-all for any post that doesn’t fit in the above Projects. This blog will never become a journal, but I do want people to have some idea who I am.

Personal Catechism

This project was the original reason I created this blog but is now discontinued. As I started to think about how I needed to change, I came up with several things I wanted to be doing on a regular basis. I decided to put them on a website for convenience. Then I could easily give people I met the link to explain why I acted the way I did. The initial result of the work I did was this “book”, listing out all my ideals. It was a great first effort, but over a few years I found God leading me in a new direction. I like many of the ideals here and still follow them, but my focus is now the heart of the faith: love.

Personal Catechism Book:

Yearly Examinations of Ideals: