This page lists all my efforts on this blog to “Optimize Your Life Around the Catholic Faith”. My overall life goal is to transform the reader and myself from a casual Catholic believer to a living Catholic saint. This goal will pretty much be impossible to complete, but we should at least try. Nearly everything on this blog has to do with this overarching goal.


Catholic Insights

Occasionally, I am just living my life when an epiphany suddenly comes to me that strengthens my understanding of the faith. Others may have already discovered these same insights, but I want to write about them anyways just in case it is new to anyone reading. Sometimes these will be a different way of looking at some aspect of the faith, which can change how a person sees it going forward. Other times these will be short guides with the idea to help both readers and myself become better at practicing the faith.

Catholic Analysis

I dedicated a whole chapter to study of the faith in the Personal Catechism book (see below). What better way to study the faith than to analyze Catholic works by the Popes, Church, saints, and other religious people? While I primarily study Catholic writings, I leave the option open to study other works like movies. It is easiest to study writing as the author has the time to really dig deep into theology. In most cases, I analyze the meaning of these writings line by line on my own, then write a report that boils down the lengthy text into the main points. Whereas my Catholic Works Thoughts are based on my personal opinions, I seek to be more objective in my Catholic Analysis.

Personal Catechism

This project was the original reason I created this blog. As I started to think about how I needed to change, I came up with several things I wanted to be doing on a regular basis. I decided to put them on a website for convenience. Then I could easily give people I met the link to explain why I acted the way I did. The initial result of the work I did was this “book”, listing out all my ideals. Even though it is finished, I still need to update it as my life situation changes. Additionally, I post a yearly examination, where I look at how good or bad I did at living up to my ideals. I encourage readers to create their own Personal Catechism with the ideals they need to be a saint. Feel free to use anything I have written as a starting point.

Personal Catechism Book:

Yearly Examinations of Ideals:

Personal Thoughts

Not everything I post is directly about optimizing. Sometimes I write about more personal things to give readers a fuller picture of who I am and how that influences my efforts to optimize the reader and myself around the Catholic faith. Personal Thoughts is mostly a catch-all for any post that doesn’t fit in the above Projects. This blog will never become a journal, but I do want people to have some idea who I am.

Entertainment Thoughts

A big part of optimizing my life is reducing my attachments to material goods. I realized early on a key part of this was not holding on to all the entertainment I had at home. Once I saw a movie, I didn’t really need to keep it around. I could give it away or sell it and donate the money to charity. So I wrote thoughts on all the movies, music, books, and video games I had. Going forward, when I write my thoughts on something I experience, I am free to give it away and never think about it again.

The Star Wars Novel Project

This is the only project not related to Catholicism. I simply had the idea one day to read all the Star Wars books and write my thoughts on them. I don’t know if I will ever finish because most of my reading time is spent with Catholic writings. I can probably read one book a month, so it will be years if I ever finish all the books. On top of that, new books are released every year, adding even more to the list. This project is technically part of Thoughts on Entertainment (see above), but its importance is very low. It stays at the bottom of the list.

  • The Star Wars Novel Project – The main index, listing all books with links to my thoughts on them.
  • “star wars” Tag – I recommend using the main index above, but this is the WordPress archive of all my Star Wars book thoughts.