Video Game Thoughts: Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day was a 1992 action game by Bits Studios and LJN Ltd for the Nintendo Game Boy. The game mostly followed the story of the movie but was really short. Only certain parts of the movie were depicted in the game. One good thing was that they had a long prologue section featuring John Connor. He had to disable Skynet’s shield, find an inactivated T-800, reprogram it, and send it to the past to protect his childhood self. I liked learning a bit more about the future when machines had taken over. This wasn’t something the movies showed much of.

This Terminator 2 game was way too hard for me. In fact, I never beat the game. The furthest I got was reprogramming the T-800. They had a special circuit mini-game. The player had to connect four wires at the bottom of the screen to some circuits at the top of the screen. I thought it was cool to play around with the circuits, but it was also too hard. The player had to successfully reprogram three different circuits. Each one was more complex than the last with short time limits. I got to the last part of the mini-game a few times, but just couldn’t do it fast enough.

Eventually, I just lost interest in completing the game and never touched it again. I wish they had included a save or continue feature. It would have made it just a little easier to beat. I would guess the game wasn’t longer than a couple hours to beat, but because of that high difficulty, it took me probably fifty tries to get to the reprogramming section. It was just too tedious for me. Even now, I’d find this game too difficult, though I’d want to get my money’s worth and force myself to beat it.

After playing this game, I mostly avoided games based on movies. It wasn’t that I had a bad experience with the game. It just wasn’t nearly as good as the games made by Nintendo. Nintendo made games that were challenging but fun all the way through. They were also much longer games. Terminator 2 was just too short for its price when I was only getting $4 a week for my allowance. There were too many other, better games to buy instead.


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