Video Game Thoughts: Star Wars

Star Wars was a 1991 action-adventure game by Beam Software that I played on the Game Boy. Star Wars pretty much just recreated the events of the first Star Wars film, A New Hope, in video game format. It was a pretty short game but was also pretty hard. This was typical of games in the early ‘90s. There were a few extra lives that could be found, but after losing them all, the player had to start over from the beginning. The game had a variety of gameplay styles based on the movie from platforming to rail shooting to lightsaber dueling.

Star Wars was never my favorite game because of it’s length. Most of the difficulty was not knowing where to go. Each time the player re-entered an area, all the enemies “respawned” even if they had already been killed previously. Exploring to figure out what to do next was that much harder. In one room I might only get hit once each time, but that added up when I had to pass through it twenty times. Once I had memorized everything in the game, it was pretty easy to beat. I could finish the whole game in one afternoon.

Out of all my games based on Star Wars, this early one was probably the worst. I think it was okay for its time, but newer games were just so much better. Star Wars was greatly overshadowed by Super Star Wars, released only a year later. I never played that game, but it was the better game. Super Star Wars didn’t follow the story of the movie as closely as this old Star Wars game, but the gameplay was quite a bit more fun.


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