Video Game Thoughts: Yoshi’s Cookie

Yoshi’s Cookie was a 1992 puzzle game by Bullet-Proof Software that I played on the Game Boy. After the success of Tetris, the developers proceeded to make a new puzzle game called Hermetica. Nintendo liked what they saw and licensed the rights to make it a Mario-themed puzzle game featuring their new character, Yoshi. In my family, my sister was the first to get a Game Boy. It came with Tetris. Our whole family enjoyed it. I think my sister must have asked for Yoshi’s Cookie for Christmas, but it may have been my mom because she likes puzzle games. It was my sister’s Game Boy, but I still liked playing games on it a lot, so I eventually asked and got my own Game Boy for Christmas one year.

Yoshi’s Cookie had gameplay similar to Tetris, but all the pieces were cookies. The player had to match up a row or column of the same type of cookie to clear them from the board. Over time more rows and columns of cookies would come from the sides of the board. Not matching fast enough resulted in a game over. I really liked Yoshi’s Cookie because it ramped up more slowly than Tetris. As a kid, I wasn’t fast enough to get far in Tetris. It could keep my attention long, because I just couldn’t think fast enough. I could get further in Yoshi’s Cookie, and so I liked it more. I still didn’t like puzzle games that much for many years though. I just couldn’t appreciate them until I had the mental capacity to really get good at them. As a kid, I wanted instant fun, but puzzle games took a lot of learning to do well in.


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