Video Game Thoughts: Cruis’n USA

Cruis’n USA was a 1994 arcade racing game by Midway. This was one of my regular arcade favorites. It was a really common sight at the restaurants where I lived. Going out to eat was fun, but it was the chance to play arcade games that really got me interested. My parents would usually give me a few dollars to play arcade games while waiting for the food to be finished. While I had a lot of fun this way, the game was too expensive at $0.50 per play to spend too much time with. It wasn’t until I got to rent it for the Nintendo 64 that I was able to put extensive time into it.

I don’t normally like racing games, but Cruis’n USA was an exception. Unlike the typical racing game, the tracks were popular landmarks in America. I looked forward to every race to see the neat locations. The arcade version had the better graphics, but things still looked nice on the Nintendo 64.

I have a great amount of nostalgia for this game because of those fun times growing up and going out to eat. On top of that, this was the ‘90s. The economy was booming. Everyone seemed to be doing well. Cruis’n USA was like a celebration of American success, and I loved it all. Of course, these times couldn’t last forever. We had the “Dot Com Boom”, the September 11 Terrorist Attacks, and the Financial Crisis. I look forward to the boom times again. I’m generally happy now, but I can always be happier.


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