Video Game Thoughts: Super Metroid

Super Metroid was a 1994 action-adventure game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System by Nintendo, but I actually played it on the Wii U Virtual Console recently. It was a free gift I got from Club Nintendo as a reward for other Nintendo games I had bought. Super Metroid is a really famous game. It’s considered one of the best games of all time. I was eager to play it. The first thing I noticed was that it was a hard game. Within just the opening sequences, I already had my first death in the game. Luckily, the Virtual Console has the ability to save the game anywhere. I saved right before I entered a new room, so I could always make it through safely.

The game was absolutely huge for a Super Nintendo game. If I had played this game when it was new, I would have loved that length. It only took me a couple weeks to beat it, but that was with that special save feature. Without that, I would have spent much longer redoing parts of the game until I succeeded. For a 2D game, the graphics were really top notch. The sound effects and music were also great. I was always excited to explore the next area, get the next upgrade, and uncover the next part of the story. The game kept rewarding the player the whole way through.

My only major criticism would have to be that high difficulty. If not for the save feature, I may have given up in frustration. The final part was extremely hard. It was basically a very long gauntlet with no way to recover life until the end. I had to go through several dangerous rooms and then fight a boss at the end all without any health recovery. If I couldn’t save the game anywhere, I would have stopped short of the end. In addition, another criticism was how the game could be a maze at times. I sometimes couldn’t figure out where to go next and had to look-up where to go from an online walkthrough. As a kid, I probably would have given up because we didn’t have the internet back then. A walkthrough may not have been available back then either. I know I wouldn’t have had the patience to finish this game without help.

Despite those criticisms, I really loved Super Metroid. It would be fun to try a speedrun of it someday. With that save anywhere feature, I could easily replay a segment until I did really well. It would take a huge amount of planning and a lot of retrying though. As fun as a speedrun sounds, my priorities are starting to change. I’m not as interested in playing video games really well. I like to play them for fun, but I’m more focused on improving myself in real life. I probably won’t do a speedrun, but I will keep the idea floating around.


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