Video Game Thoughts: Wrecking Crew

Wrecking Crew was a 1985 action game for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Nintendo. I think I got this game from the video rental store. They were selling their NES games to make space for newer games. Wrecking Crew was quite a bit different from other games I had played. Mario and Luigi basically owned a wrecking company. The player had to systematically destroy pillars with their big hammers to eventually destroy the whole building. The levels were many times puzzles. The player couldn’t just break every pillar. Mario might get trapped, and there were hazards and enemies that had to be avoided. The game started out a lot of fun but quickly got too difficult. I probably got no further than the tenth level, but I don’t remember.

Besides the high difficulty, the only other flaw with this game to me was that its focus was too narrow. Unlike the popular Super Mario Bros. games, Wrecking Crew levels always had the same objective. How the player completed the objective was different each level, but the player was still doing the same thing of navigating platforms, avoiding hazards, and breaking pillars. The game could have been a classic if either these flaws were addressed. If Wrecking Crew was easier, I would have been able to finish it. The game might have ended quickly, but I would have had a blast the whole way. If the gameplay had had more variety, I still would have had trouble with the difficulty, but I would have at least had fun trying again and again to get further.

I wish I still had this game, so I could try it again. I think I’d be a little better at my current age. There are other games I wasn’t able to beat at a young age but later was able to when I got older. I might get Wrecking Crew on the Wii U someday. It has a nice “save anywhere” feature. I could save at the beginning of each level, giving me as many tries as I need to complete the level.


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