Video Game Thoughts: Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey was a 1988 sports game for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Nintendo. Besides Golf, Ice Hockey was the only other sports game I had for the NES. I got it cheap at a garage sale. It was a lot of fun for being a primitive game. Each game lasted a long time, and the computer player wasn’t all that bad. There were probably many flaws in it, but I never noticed. The games would last a long time too, so the game would keep me occupied for awhile. I never had anyone to play this game with though. I heard it was great in multiplayer, but it was still good in single player.

My dad wasn’t into hockey, so this game was my main introduction to the sport. We did go to a few live hockey games that we got free tickets for, but other than that, our family didn’t watch hockey. I wouldn’t have known the rules of the game without playing this game. It also helped when I met friends that played hockey. I could understand what they meant when talking about the game. I guess I also learned about hockey from The Mighty Ducks film.


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