Video Game Thoughts: Links Championship Edition

Links Championship Edition was a 2001 sports game by Microsoft Game Studios. This game was sort of a missed opportunity on my part. I think we were at a computer store one day, and my dad offered to buy it for me. We had played an earlier golf game on the computer called PGA Tour Golf. We had just gotten a new computer, so I was excited to see how the fancy graphics in this game compared to that old one. The problem was I just had too many other games that were more addictive than a golf game. I probably played it once or twice over a few months before never touching it again. I eventually uninstalled it. Occasionally, I would see it in my computer box but never got interested enough to try it out again.

My dad was the same way in not playing the game. When I was little, he was okay with wasting a little time playing games. Like most young people, he probably felt like he had a lot of time left in his life. He didn’t mind wasting time here and there. By the time we got Links, he was older and had specific priorities and goals he wanted to work towards. He had moved on from games. It’s not like I tried to get him to play though. I could tell he wasn’t interested when I talked about games. I’ve always tried to be pleasing to people. When I see someone isn’t interested in something, I stop talking about it with them and won’t invite them to participate.

Because neither of us were into the game, it just collected dust. This is something I wouldn’t do these days just because I know how valuable money is now. If I paid money for something, I would make sure to put a lot of time into it just to get my money’s worth. It would be the same if the game were given to me as a gift. I would play it to make that person’s gift worth something. Later, I might give the game away, but I’d at least honor the money that was spent. These days I’m really careful about my spending. Many times if I have any doubt about some leisure spending, I just keep my money. I’d rather donate the money to charity, where people really need it, than spend it on some game I won’t play much.


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