Video Game Thoughts: League of Legends

League of Legends is a 2009 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game by Riot Games for the PC. This was a game I played while on a break from World of Warcraft (WoW). I had gotten tired of paying a monthly free. League of Legends was totally free. There were perks for paying money, but it wasn’t required. I could get new heroes to play as and equipment for them without having to play too long. Each hero was a lot of fun on its own. I felt like I could spend weeks with just one hero. I didn’t need to have all of them.

I thought this game was pretty much perfect. The gameplay was extremely fun. I looked forward to playing it every night. The heroes and items were deep enough that the game took some thinking. The game was easy to pick up but could take many years to master if I was interested. Because it was free, I saw it as a great game to pop in and out of every once in a while when I got bored of my main games like WoW.

The downsides were few. The graphics were a little outdated, but that was probably good to attract more casual players. Almost anyone with a desktop computer could play this game. As much fun as the gameplay was, it also was very focused. Each game players had to kill minions and heroes to level up and get gold. Leveling up unlocked new skills. Gold could be used to buy equipment. After getting strong enough every game was about destroying the enemy base. There was a certain nuance to playing the game well, but it was still the same game every time.

Eventually, I just got tired of it. It also helped that I was getting to a point where money wasn’t as tight. I could now afford to continually pay a subscription fee for WoW if I wanted to or even just buy all new games every month. There was nothing really wrong with the game. I just wanted more variety. I would probably still play it now, but I’ve decided to stop playing online games. I will write about this later, but I have a list of rules based on my religious beliefs and life goals that I must follow when it comes to games.


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