Video Game Thoughts: Mega Man Battle Network 2

Mega Man Battle Network 2 was a 2001 tactical role-playing game by Capcom for the Game Boy Advance. It was released very shortly after the first game. Combined with the fact that it was more of a refinement than a whole new game, a lot of players felt it was a cash-in by Capcom to make some easy money without putting much work in. A lot of the graphics and sound effects were the same as the first game, but there were a few new game mechanics added along with quality of life features. If I had paid full price for both games, I may have been disappointed with how similar the two games were, but they were very cheap on the Wii U’s online store. Mega Man Battle Network 2 would be the game to start with since it pretty much had everything the first game had plus more.

Mega Man Battle Network 2 had mostly the same graphics and sound effects as the first game but added a new story to complete, new battle chips (special abilities for combat), new “SubChips” for use outside of combat, and more kinds of equipment. These kept the game interesting even though the majority of the gameplay was the same. Like the first game, the story wasn’t the best, but I found it enough motivation to keep playing. I didn’t find the game to be as fresh as the first game, but it was still enjoyable. A big part of the first game was collecting battle chips. I had fun with that in both games, but here it was expanded to have certain battle chips that could only be obtained by playing multiplayer. This was a sign of a new direction for the Mega Man Battle Network series.

The later Battle Network games adopted the Pokemon style of having at least two versions. Each version might have 90% of the chips available, the other 10% being exclusive to the other version. Trading with players that had the other version was required to get the last few chips. Players traded their Pokemon in the Pokemon games, but it was the same concept. I never liked that about the Pokemon games. I’ve always thought game modes should be self-contained. Rewards for multiplayer should help in multiplayer, not single player. All the single player content should be available by playing single player. Having two versions of the game was just an easy way to make money. It really didn’t offer anything to the player. Because Mega Man Battle Network 3 and all the later games had two or more versions each, I decided to stop at this second game. There were about 10 chips exclusive to multiplayer battling, but I was able to live with that.


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