Video Game Thoughts: Knight Online

Knight Online was a 2004 massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by MGame Corporation for the PC. It was one of those free MMOs that had an in-game store to speed up progress in the game. Without paying, the game eventually got too slow for most people to enjoy. They did a better job than most of them at the time, however, because the player could get quite far before the grind became too great.

I don’t remember exactly, but I think there were four classes: warrior, rogue, mage, and priest. It was a group-based game. Players had to group up to make any real progress. Warriors would defend the group from the monsters. Archers were single target damage dealers. Mages were multiple target damage dealers. Priests healed the group, most times the warrior.

I played priest because I always liked healing people. I wish I could miraculously heal people in real life. Anyways, priest was a pretty good class for making friends. There was always a group needing a healer. Even when my friends weren’t online, I could usually find a temporary group.

For some reason the game was really popular in the country of Turkey, so almost all players were Turkish. Luckily, most of them knew English. I was able to make some friends. We even started our own guild. Our recruitment efforts never worked much, but our core group was pretty dedicated. We would coordinate when to play so everyone was online at the same time. We made it pretty far in the game, and I didn’t have to spend any money.

With our guild, I got to around 75% of the way to the maximum level. At that point, the game had a player versus player focus. The player’s goal was then to perfect their items by upgrading them, using the extra combat power fight other players in special arenas. I got bored before that point. It was becoming slower to level up, and I didn’t have the money to speed up progress. One day I just quit and never told any of my in-game friends I was leaving. I really regret not saying goodbye to my guildmates. I hope I would do better these days, but I don’t play this kind of game anymore.


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