Video Game Thoughts: Power Pete

Power Pete was a 1995 third-person shooter game by Pangea Software for the PC. It was one of the games included for free on our new Macintosh computer. For a free game, I had a lot of fun with it. I really liked the style of the game. Power Pete was a toy soldier. Somehow the bad toys had taken over and captured all the fuzzy bunnies, which were actually just stuffed animals. It was up to Power Pete to collect all the fuzzy bunnies while defeating all the bad toys. There were several different themed “worlds”, such as a jungle area, fairy tale area, and toy store area. Enemies could be defeated with weapons. Pete started out with just a simple foam ball blaster, but later on the player could find other toy weapons such as a rubber band launcher.

The levels were not all that big, but they felt large because the screen was zoomed in pretty close. Because the player couldn’t see things from a distance, some of the levels could be mazes. Each level was kind of like a puzzle. There were enemies to defeat, but the main objective was collecting the bunnies. Besides the bunnies, the player could pick up new weapons, ammunition for weapons, and extra lives. Early levels were just about exploring to find the bunnies, but later levels could get pretty complicated with switches that had to be activated in certain orders or terrain that had to be navigated in a specific pattern. Running out of lives was game over. The player had to start from the beginning. It took me several tries to finally see all the levels and beat the game.

Power Pete was a great game overall. It had just enough length to stay interest, but not so much that the gameplay became boring. The gameplay really was simple. It wasn’t a game that I could play forever. I guess some people might want to try for a high score. They had a leaderboard that recorded the top scores. For me though, I quit playing a game once I’ve tried out all the gameplay possibilities. Once I beat Power Pete a few times, I was done. Power Pete did what it needed to almost perfectly though.

To this day none of my other new computers have ever come with a free game as good as Power Pete. One computer had a cool pinball game, but it was still far simpler than Power Pete. There was a retail version of Power Pete, sold as Mighty Mike. Some people may have paid for it, but I think the majority of people that played it got it for free with their computer. I imagine Pangea Software got a little money for each copy of the game Apple gave out for free.


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