Video Game Thoughts: Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a 2007 first-person shooter game by by Valve Corporation that I played on the PC. I really loved the graphical style in this game. It was sort of cartoony and serious at the same time. I liked that they created this fake fantasy world of these two rival groups (Red and Blue) fighting each other. It was lighthearted enough that the violence didn’t matter too much. The characters to play as had great personalities and good voice acting. I loved the introduction videos for each character. Valve took forever to release them, but each one was an instant hit in the gaming world.

My favorite character was the doctor because I always like healing when it’s available in multiplayer games. I just like keeping people alive so they can continue fighting. The healer always has an easy time getting a group together because they are in demand. I also like healing because it usually isn’t that hard to succeed. Team Fortress 2 was designed so not all classes needed to be present to win, but players always appreciated my healing. There were some downsides though.

I’ve never liked shooters very much. The only shooter I’ve ever really gotten into was Counter-Strike, but even than it was a short stint. Team Fortress 2 was one of the better ones because it wasn’t as serious, but I still couldn’t get into it that long. It just seemed like too much of the same thing over and over. It was okay though because I got it with The Orange Box. That package came with several other games. I considered Team Fortress 2 to be just a free game. Any amount of fun I got out of it was a bonus.

Valve ended up using it as an experiment for a free-to-play game. Before that point, the only way to play it was to buy it as part of The Orange Box or individually. After the free-to-play update, however, anyone could download the game for free. Valve added a way for players to create their own custom items and sell them to other players. The items were made to be balanced with the existing items already available in the game, so new items were almost purely cosmetic to show off to friends in the game. This in-game store was a hit. Team Fortress 2 ended up becoming hugely popular. Some players got to the point of having a career creating and selling items. Valve took a cut from every sale. That’s how they could afford to keep the game free to download.

The success of Team Fortress 2 influenced the creation of a bunch of copycat free-to-play shooter games. Some of those copycats turned out to be very good as well, so the game has a lot of competition these days. It’s still very popular and will probably continue to be for years to come. Shooters are just not my type of game though. Otherwise, I’d still be playing today.


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