Book Thoughts: Star Wars: X-Wing series

Star Wars: X-Wing was a series of novels by Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allston. My mom regularly took me to the library when I was little. We didn’t have a lot of extra money. The library was a great place to go for free entertainment. In the beginning I loved animal and science books. I liked to learn how things worked or were made. Then I read young adult novels, including the Young Jedi Knights series. That was my first introduction to Star Wars novels, but I later got into video games more. One of my favorite games was Star Wars: Rogue Squadron for the Nintendo 64.

One day at the library I decided to look in the science fiction section. I immediately saw Rogue Squadron. I thought it was a novelization of the game. I was initially disappointed that the story was different from the game. I found out that the novel took place much later than the events in the game. I had the book for a few weeks though, so I read it. The story got really good, so good that I decided I wanted to own all the books in the series. I bought the first few myself. Over the years I got the rest for birthday and Christmas gifts.

One main character throughout the series was Corran Horn. I thought the authors did a great job. He had elements of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, but he was unique enough to stand out from them. These books left me with a good impression for Star Wars novels. I had heard of other good ones too. Still, I was too hooked on video games. I mostly abandoned reading novels. Now, years later, I am reducing my video game playing and interested in getting back into Star Wars novels. I have made a huge list of all the novels, with plans to eventually read them all while writing my thoughts on each one. Most of the novels are no longer in print, but almost all of them are available in e-book form.


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