Book Thoughts: The Star Wars Trilogy novelization

The Star Wars Trilogy novelization was a 2004 three-in-one science fiction novel by George Lucas (A New Hope), Donald F. Glut (The Empire Strikes Back), and James Kahn (Return of the Jedi). A New Hope was actually ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster. I imagine the author did this to give Lucas credit for coming up with the original storyline. Despite having three authors, I couldn’t see a difference in tone or voice between them. If a reader only had the text and didn’t know the authors, they would probably think everything was written by one author.

The Star Wars trilogy movies were amazing. They were way ahead of their time, at the cutting edge of special effects. The galaxy they created with all the aliens, planets, factions, technologies was so vast, everyone just wanted to experience more of it. It was no surprise then, that they commissioned three books to be written based on the stories in the movies. What was great about the books was the authors got to go into a lot more detail. They were not just a retelling of what happened in the movies. There really was more detail about the characters, locations, and nearly everything else.

What I really love about books is that they last. Long after the special effects in the movies become outdated, the books will still be there. The text in books never gets old. It’s as great as it was the first time. The books themselves might fall apart and I need fresh copies, but the text itself is always good. When a person reads a classic book it’s the same as if they read it back when the story was new. This is very different from every other type of entertainment.

Music, movies, and video games are all heavily influenced by the technology of the day, but that’s not the case with books. There are no new inventions in writing. It is timeless. I realize that not everyone has the patience for reading though. It is good to have other ways to experience the story for those that like a little more excitement, but I prefer books. Every five years or so I have another read of the Star Wars Trilogy, and it’s just as much fun as the first time.


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