Book Thoughts: Scholastic Reading Club #3: Lost and Never Found series

The Scholastic Reading Club is a program for school teachers to get more students reading books. Instead of having to go to the bookstore or library, kids can get books right from their classroom. I found several of these old books in my bookshelf that I am giving away later this year. I got them all in the mid-90s in elementary school. They are all easy reading. None of them are famous books or authors, but I wanted to get my thoughts down for them before I give them away later in the year.

I have two of these books, but I think there was a third one. They are named Lost…and Never Found & Lost…and Never Found II. Each book had ten stories about a person that went missing.  Both books were written by Anita Larsen. I kind of didn’t like these books, because I don’t like unanswered questions. I prefer stories where the ending is revealed. It’s the same reason I don’t like shows like Unsolved Mysteries. I want to know the answers. Now I don’t think these were the author’s opinions but in many cases the theories presented involved UFOs (aliens) or other dimensions. Neither are based on science or God, so I didn’t believe them. It’s scary to think that some people reading these books could believe those theories. I would prefer that the book stuck with science.

Another reason I didn’t like this book was because it was kind of morbid. If someone went missing for years, they most likely died. Maybe a small percentage changed their identity and continued living, but the vast majority of them were killed or died. Reading this book was like peering into a person’s final moments. I’m just not interested in that. I focus on the living, not the dead. In my prayers I do pray for the people that have died, but that gives me a good feeling because I know my prayers can help them get to heaven. Many of these missing people aren’t going to make it to purgatory, so it’s actually sad to think about their death. It’s unsettling to think of these things, so I avoid them. I seek out things that will make me feel peaceful.

After reading about each person, I looked up the name online to see if there were any breaks in the cases. It turned out the stories were all pretty much still mysteries. I thought new technologies may have helped investigators find another clue that at least led to a body, but that wasn’t the case.

The one exception was Amelia Earhart’s disappearance. I saw there had been a recent search on a island she was believed to have crashed near. They found a few items that researchers said appeared to be items that would have come from herself or the plane. There was no guarantee, but the odds were high. That case is still not solved, but the company that did the search plans to do another one hoping to find more pieces of the puzzle. It would be exciting if they somehow found proof of what happened. Mrs. Earhart was famous for her daredevil long-distance flights. People around the world would be really interested in the conclusion of this story. It would probably launch several new books and movies, now based on the real story instead of speculation.


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