Book Thoughts: Scholastic Reading Club #2: 101 Jokes series

The Scholastic Reading Club is a program for school teachers to get more students reading books. Instead of having to go to the bookstore or library, kids can get books right from their classroom. I found several of these old books in my bookshelf that I am giving away later this year. I got them all in the mid-90s in elementary school. They are all easy reading. None of them are famous books or authors, but I wanted to get my thoughts down for them before I give them away later in the year.

I had four of these 101 Jokes books. Each one had a different theme. Since they were so similar to each other, I decided to put them all on one page. I found them to be very quick reads at my adult age, but they were just as entertaining. There were even a few jokes I didn’t get. Most of them were very short, such as “Why did the fish cross the ocean? To get to the other tide!“. Another type of joke was a short three to five sentence conversation between two people. Rarely, there was a joke written as a short story or rhyming poem. There was enough variety to keep the reading interesting, but each book took no longer than thirty minutes to read.

The four books I have are:

  • 101 Nutty Nature Jokes by Melvin Berger, illustrated by B.K. Taylor – Jokes involving animals and other outdoor things like the weather.
  • 101 Creepy Creature Jokes by Jovial Bob Stine, illustrated by B.K. Taylor – Jokes about monsters, a few were also in the Silly Monster Jokes book.
  • 101 Back-to-School Jokes by Lisa Eisenberg and Katy Hall, illustrated by John DeVore – Clever jokes that a kid could use at school.
  • 101 Silly Monster Jokes by Jovial Bob Stine, illustrated by B.K. Taylor – More jokes about monsters, a few were also in the Creepy Creature Jokes book.

Jovial Bob Stine was a funny name, so I looked it up. It turns out he is the same R.L Stine that wrote the Goosebumps books I recently finished my thoughts on. Based on the listing, he used this pen name for all his comedy books. I didn’t even know he had written comedy books before then. I thought he only did horror books.


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