Book Thoughts: Goosebumps #41: Bad Hare Day

Goosebumps was a series of classic horror books for kids written by R. L. Stine. They were extremely popular when I was growing up. Even these days, the volume sales of the series as a whole is second only to the more recent Harry Potter series. Before I gave these old books away, I decided to reread the books I had and write my thoughts on them. An interesting thing about Goosebumps was that both my sister and I liked it. My sister and I never got along, so it was rare sight for something to interest both of us. In fact, my sister originally got the first Goosebumps book. I only got into it after borrowing the books from her.

Bad Hare Day was about a boy who loved magic tricks. He was constantly doing little magic shows for the other kids at school. A lot of times his little sister would ruin it by revealing the secrets to the tricks, but that never stopped him from trying to come up with new ways to fool everyone. He eventually got to see a professional magic show.  The main character, Tim, tried to talk to the magician backstage but the magician was really mean. In retaliation, Tim stole the magician’s briefcase of magic tricks.

That’s when the horror started. Tim realized he didn’t know how any of the tricks worked. These tricks weren’t benign. They had serious consequences. He had no idea how to reverse them either. The rest of the book was about Tim finding a way to fix this problem. I thought it was a fun story, not too scary but fun. When I was little, I had a cheap magic kit. I wasn’t interested in really performing though. I only wanted to learn the secret of each trick. My interest in magic faded when I saw that magicians don’t like to reveal their secrets.

I had a friend who was also really interested in magic tricks. I think it was just a phase he was going through. Right before a school trip, he had bought this little metal contraption. I don’t even remember what it did. I only remember that we both thought it was cool. It was somewhat cheap though because it broke during the trip. We both spent hours trying to put it back together and eventually succeeded. While on the trip, we got to visit a magic store there. It was a lot of fun seeing all the different tricks they had. I think my friend ended up buying some of that special paper that flashes when ignited.


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