Book Thoughts: Goosebumps #38: The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena

Goosebumps was a series of classic horror books for kids written by R. L. Stine. They were extremely popular when I was growing up. Even these days, the volume sales of the series as a whole is second only to the more recent Harry Potter series. Before I gave these old books away, I decided to reread the books I had and write my thoughts on them. An interesting thing about Goosebumps was that both my sister and I liked it. My sister and I never got along, so it was rare sight for something to interest both of us. In fact, my sister originally got the first Goosebumps book. I only got into it after borrowing the books from her.

The story in this book mostly stuck with the typical abominable snowman (or yeti) stories, but there were a few twists to keep things interesting. The father was a photographer. He got an assignment to find the abominable snowman and take pictures of him as proof. After a few short introductory chapters, the family went off to Alaska to find the abominable snowman. Then it turned into a survival story. Their guide left them out of fear of the monster. Of course, they found the abominable snowman, but he was different than most people would expect. He was not really mean; he actually helped the family out of a few scary situations.

This is the first Goosebumps book I read where the kids’ parents were divorced. I don’t know if it was a conscious effort by the author to always portray married parents, but that seemed to be the case up to this point. I didn’t read all the Goosebumps book though. A lot of times an artist, such as writer, will be influenced by what’s going on around them in real life. Based on the author’s short biography in the book, he was still married. Maybe he knew a couple that got divorced. He could have just wanted to write something different too.

The front cover of the book had an ad for the Goosebumps TV show. I remember watching this show a little bit. Back then I had a hard time visualizing what I read. It was nice to see what the things I read about looked like. I was never a regular watcher of the TV show though. It came on in the early afternoon right after school, but many days I got home after it was already over. I mostly just watched reruns.


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