Book Thoughts: Goosebumps #20: The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight

Goosebumps was a series of classic horror books for kids written by R. L. Stine. They were extremely popular when I was growing up. Even these days, the volume sales of the series as a whole is second only to the more recent Harry Potter series. Before I gave these old books away, I decided to reread the books I had and write my thoughts on them. An interesting thing about Goosebumps was that both my sister and I liked it. My sister and I never got along, so it was rare sight for something to interest both of us. In fact, my sister originally got the first Goosebumps book. I only got into it after borrowing the books from her.

I was a city kid just like the kids in this book, so it was nice to read about the farm. I’ve certainly visited many farms, but I’ve never lived on one. It’s a different kind of lifestyle, so it was fun to read a book in this setting. It also made the story a little more scary because there was no one around really to help. There aren’t any police out in the farmland. Even if I called them, it could take a few hours for them to get there. In a scary situation, I would have to solve the problem myself.

This book had sort of a spiritual element to it. Basically, the scarecrows on the farm were inhabited by evil spirits. Through the course of the book the reader eventually learned why this was. Just as the scarecrows were going to kill everyone, one of the kids ended up saving them. Something that hit me while reading this book were the similarities to another story I watched in a video game.

The video game was called Beyond: Two Souls. The story in one section of the game had many similarities to the story in this book. First, both took place on a farm. Second, the main character in both was named Jodie. Third, both had families with something on their minds and wouldn’t talk about it. Fourth, both involved evil spirits coming out at night. Fifth, both required the main character, Jodie, to figure out the real story and help solve the family’s problem.

It was really interesting to compare the two. I don’t think the writers of the book or the story in the video game had any connection whatsoever. The fact that two people in two separate parts of the world can come up with the same idea with no communication between them is evidence to me that God exists. All humans are made in the image of God. When multiple people have the same idea, it is because the idea originated with God. The two people were just the lucky or blessed ones to gain this insight. Other people gain other insights from God.


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