Video Game Thoughts: New Super Mario Bros. U

New Super Mario Bros. U was a 2012 platformer game for the Wii U by Nintendo. This was my second game for the Wii U. My parents surprised me with a Wii U one Christmas. It came with Nintendo Land, but they also bought New Super Mario Bros. U. While Nintendo Land was fun to play, party games have never been my kind of game. This game, on the other hand, was more to my liking. I was really excited to play New Super Mario Bros. U. The game started off with the same basic story of saving the princess, but Nintendo made things a little more interesting by adding comedy to it. Mario had to save the day again.

New Super Mario Bros. U played just like the old 2D Mario games I had played in my childhood. I really loved reliving those times again while playing this game. Of course, this game was way more polished than those older games, but the basics were the same. The Mushroom Kingdom was split up into eight normal worlds and one bonus world. I had a lot of fun seeing all the fantasy lands, the cool power-ups for Mario, and the interesting monsters. They took a good idea from Super Mario Bros. 3 by having the boss of each world be one of King Bowser’s (the antagonist) koopaling kids. I had so much fun, but it was over too fast.

I beat New Super Mario Bros. U in only two days. I didn’t remember finishing the older Mario games that fast. I think it was because Nintendo made this iteration of the series a lot easier than the older games. I didn’t die at all for the first two worlds or so. Even later worlds I was able to mostly navigate without having to repeat anything. Each level had a save point halfway through, where I could continue from if Mario died, saving even more time. Losing all of Mario’s lives didn’t make much difference either because the player could continue as many times as they wanted. I wish they had made the levels a little longer or harder.

I think Nintendo was expecting to get a lot of childhood Nintendo players back with the Wii U, expecting most of them to have given up video games decades earlier, but I didn’t give up video games. I had continued to play all along. I just wasn’t playing Nintendo games. The shortness of the game wasn’t that bad because there were some bonuses to discover.

Each level had three star coins hidden in them. Collecting all the star coins in a world unlocked a new level in the bonus world nine. It took a good amount of time to hunt all the star coins down. I even had to look up online where some of them were because they were completely hidden in the level through normal play. After unlocking eight secret levels, their star coins had to be collected to unlock the final level in the game. I appreciated all this bonus stuff because this was definitely not in the old Mario games I played.

Aside from the bonus levels, they had a few mini-games like jumping over lots of fireballs without getting hit or jumping on a bunch of enemies in a row without hitting the ground. These were fun for a little while but weren’t enough to keep me occupied for long. Overall, it took me around forty hours to do everything. That might sound like a lot, but it really isn’t compared to other games.

So my first experience with Wii U was really fun but didn’t last. I just couldn’t play Nintendo Land or New Super Mario Bros. U for months. There just wasn’t enough stuff to do. I was excited for the future though. I now could play all of Nintendo’s latest games. Unfortunately, Nintendo just couldn’t make new iterations of their hit games fast enough. I was ready to play the next big Nintendo hits like Metroid, Mario Kart, Star Fox, a 3D Mario game, and Super Smash Bros. right that second, but I had to wait almost a year for Nintendo’s next big game, Super Mario 3D World.


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