Video Game Thoughts: James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing was a 2004 third-person shooter game by Visceral Games that I played on the Nintendo GameCube. One of my favorite games of the Nintendo 64 era was Goldeneye 007, but the later James Bond video games turned out to be pretty bad. I pretty much ignored the games until I saw Everything or Nothing was getting okay reviews. I thought this might be a James Bond game I could play. At the time, though, I wanted other games more, so I never bought it.

A few years later my parents were going on vacation for a week and let me rent a bunch of games. I finally got to play James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing. It was different than Goldeneye because it was a third-person game instead of a first-person. Outside of that, it was almost the same kind of game. The single player had a great story to it. They were able to hire all the main actors, like Pierce Brosnan and Judi Dench, from the films to do the voice acting for their same characters in the game. For the new characters, they got other big names such as Willem Dafoe (who played the villain), Heidi Klum, and Shannon Elizabeth.

I just loved the production values in this game. They really went all out. Goldeneye was pretty good, but even it was just a retelling of the story in the movie. James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing was a brand new story. They basically treated the game like a movie. They got professional screenwriters to write the script, hired the big name actors, used motion capture to get the animations looking real, and created all kinds of special effects. This game was what would happen if Hollywood knew what video games were about. Hollywood couldn’t do this on their own. It required a developer that knew games to merge the two.

Some time after playing the rental, the video store was closing. They were selling many of their old rental games for really low prices. I was able to get the game for maybe $15. It was a great value. With the rental, I only had time to finish the story. I remember I was just finishing the game when my parents got home from a vacation. The very next day I had to return the game. It was great to own a copy of Everything or Nothing.

Now I could really spend a lot of time trying to get Platinum on all the missions. This was a cool feature, where the game would score the player based on how well they did in a mission. It was based on time and accuracy, among other things. Getting Platinum medals unlocked more features in the game, from behind-the-scenes content to cheat codes to new game modes.

There was a cool feature in the game, where the player could aim James Bond’s gun while he was still behind cover. When an enemy was targeted, a tiny little red dot appeared on them. The player could move it around to target the enemy’s weapon or even their head. Once the player pressed the fire button, Bond would hit that red dot exactly. I liked this aiming system a lot more than the clunky manual aiming in Goldeneye. Only a third-person game could do this.

There was no competitive multiplayer in Everything or Nothing, only a cooperative mode. That didn’t bother me too much though because I was graduating from high school. I didn’t have anyone to play this game with in multiplayer anyways. For a solo player, it had a ton of content. I was never able to unlock everything — some of the missions were just too hard — but I did almost everything. Even then I still came back to the game several times to see the story again. It was so cool every time. I pretty much consider it to be the fifth Pierce Brosnan Bond film.


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