Music Thoughts: Astro Lounge

Astro Lounge was a 1999 album by the band Smash Mouth. Astro Lounge was the second CD I bought. Again, I asked my friend for a good CD to get, and he named this one. Just like its name this album had a space theme to it. It contained the radio hits “All Star”, “Then the Morning Comes”, and “Can’t Get Enough of You Baby”. Aside from the radio hits, I also liked “Diggin’ Your Scene”, “Waste”, “Satellite”, and “Home”. I liked that all the songs fit the space theme. I especially liked “All Star” because of its uplifting message. It gets the listener excited that they can do anything. This is exactly what teenagers need to hear. They are at the point in their life of deciding on a career. This song gave them a lot of motivation to work hard for their hopes and dreams.

Like most teenage music, it had a lot of references to girls and drugs. I try to avoid those themes now, but they did a pretty good job with symbolism to hide what a lot of the songs were about. In this way, teenagers could like the songs for their melody and energy, but not have to know about some of those bad things. There was one track that was a little too obvious about using drugs, but the rest of them were pretty good about things.


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