Music Thoughts: So Much for the Afterglow

So Much for the Afterglow was a 1997 album by Everclear. One of my friends in high school was a huge fan of Everclear. When my parents got me a CD player one Christmas, I asked him what CD to get. He named So Much for the Afterglow. It ended up being a pretty good collection of music. The album had the radio hits “Everything to Everyone”, “I Will Buy You a New Life”, and “Father of Mine”. I occasionally still hear these songs on the radio, though few people know who Everclear are anymore. Like most bands, they only had a few short years of success.

The hits were the best songs of the album, but I also really liked the rhythm in “El Distorto de Melodica”. It was an instrumental piece with great drumming. The rhythm and melody in general were good in all the tracks. I didn’t like the lyrics or subject matter, however, for the rest of the tracks. There was too much focus on girls, drugs, and sex. That was kind of true for all the songs, but the other songs at least had good melodies to offset things a little. This music is a little too rocked out for me now. I do still like the rhythm and melody, but I would prefer less distortion, less metal, and less screaming.


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