Video Game Thoughts: Resident Evil (remake)

Resident Evil was a 2002 survival horror game for the Nintendo GameCube by Capcom. I already wrote about my time with Resident Evil 2 with my friends. I didn’t really like horror stories, but I loved that there were starting to be games with a heavy focus on story. This was unexplored territory for video games, so I was happy when it was announced that Nintendo had paid Capcom to release Resident Evil games exclusively for the GameCube. It was one of the few, more mature game series on the GameCube. I don’t care about “mature” games anymore, but back then I was really looking for them.

This game was a remake of the original Resident Evil that was exclusive to the first PlayStation console. I had played Resident Evil 2 on the Nintendo 64, which was a straight port from the PlayStation version. The GameCube was way more powerful than the PlayStation and Nintendo 64, so the graphics and sound effects in this game were way better. Like the other Resident Evil games, the game world was made up of several 2D background scenes, which the 3D characters could walk around in. This was from the old PlayStation days when full 3D graphics weren’t possible. Capcom decided to stick with the classic style despite the GameCube being capable of full 3D, probably to keep the game feeling familiar to fans of the previous games.

In the story, suspicious happenings had been reported in a nearby forest. The local police sent in a “S.T.A.R.S.” SWAT team to investigate, but they never reported in after landing. A second S.T.A.R.S. team was sent to investigate. After finding the first team’s crashed helicopter, they discovered an old mansion out in the forest. Upon some initial exploring, the team decided to split up to cover more ground. It turned out the whole mansion was filled with zombies and deadly traps. They had to fully uncover all the secrets that this mansion held and find a way to stop the zombies from spreading.

Just like Resident Evil 2, I had a blast playing this game. It was cool to see the story in the first game, which later continued in Resident Evil 2. This game was much more scary than Resident Evil 2. I normally hate horror stories, but I really got into it here. I think I liked the characters in the the second game more though. The main characters here, Chris and Jill, were still entertaining. The characters in Resident Evil 2 were just more likable to me. Outside of the characters, I loved everything in this Resident Evil remake more than Resident Evil 2.

I couldn’t get enough of exploring the mansion. It was so cool to figure out the puzzles and slowly make my way into the secret areas. I loved having to ration my supplies like healing and ammo. There were several scary yet fun boss battles. I always brought way more firepower than I needed for the boss fights. I wasn’t going to take any risks when dealing with the undead. The game was really hard the first time I played, but I eventually had memorized all the dangers. They had special rewards for completing the game quickly. I played enough times to unlock everything. Resident Evil 2 had given me a taste of what a story-heavy game could be like; the Resident Evil remake perfected that formula. After this, I was really looking for other games with strong stories.


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