Music Thoughts: The Matrix: Music from the Motion Picture

The Matrix: Music from the Motion Picture was a 1999 soundtrack album by Warner Bros. for The Matrix film. I was a huge fan of the Matrix. It had so many new ideas, my friends and I were still talking about it years after the movie was out. One of the highlights of the movie was its soundtrack. It had nice, driving beats that kept the movie’s energy very high. When I saw the soundtrack at the music store, it was an immediate buy.

Sadly, the soundtrack only had some of those tracks. About half of them were licensed songs. Some of that music played in the movie. A few of them weren’t even in the movie, but whoever made this collection thought they fit the same style as the movie. Even worse, some of the tracks were really immoral with lots of bad language and themes of anarchy. Marilyn Manson was the last thing I wanted to be listening to.

I should have examined the back of the case before buying. I found out later there was another soundtrack album with several of the instrumental tracks. I guess I didn’t know there was a difference. I thought a soundtrack included everything. It wasn’t all bad though. This album had “Spybreak!”, “Clubbed to Death”, “Prime Audio Soup”, and “Leave You Far Behind”, all good, clean tracks that I liked. Additionally, I liked the music of “Wake Up”, but hated the vocals. The other songs I probably only listened to twice: when I first got the album and again today to write these thoughts on it.


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