Video Game Thoughts: Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes was a 2010 puzzle, role-playing game by Capybara Games that I played on the PC. Clash of Heroes was a fun, little gem I discovered while watching a “Let’s Play” on YouTube. I always hand drawn animation, a major feature of Clash of Heroes. The game had five campaigns. Each campaign had a unique map, with unique enemies and villains. The player also had a specific hero to lead their army. Battles were played out in a puzzle game. The goal was to match 3 or more of similar units together. This would either cause the units to attack, strengthen them for a future attack, or form a wall for defense. The rules were fairly simple, but complex at the same time. The units and leaders all had slight variations to switch things up.

The story of the campaign wasn’t that great, but it was always fun to explore a new area. Some areas were in the wilderness while others were in cities. Boss battles were pretty creative with new twists thrown in that the player had to figure out on the fly. Continuing after losing a boss fight was a little tedious though. The player would have to watch the cutscenes all over again. I just wanted to get straight back to the place where I made the mistake. In addition, the later campaigns got to be too difficult. I ended up saving after every battle because any battle had a good chance of failure. This problem was directly caused by the fact that money in the game was not infinite. There was a limited amount. Too many mistakes and the player could not recover.

In conclusion, the battle system was great; the role-playing side of things was too tedious. They needed to have areas with infinite enemies, so I could level-up and earn money at my own pace. The tension in the game became too great towards the end, losing a battle too costly. After I beat the campaign, I never had an interest in redoing it. They did have a puzzle mode, but it was too bare-bones. They should have added a high score system as well as a way for players to create custom levels and share them online. Clash of Heroes was good and entertaining but could have been so much more. A few more months of development maybe could have turned it into a timeless game.


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