Video Game Thoughts: Mario Bros.

Mario Bros., not to be confused with “Super” Mario Bros., was a 1983 platformer arcade game by Nintendo. I got to play the arcade version of this game when I was really little. At the children’s dentist, they had a couple arcade cabinets for the kids to play while waiting. They had generously set it up to not require any money. I could just push a button to get “credits”. I only got to play the game a few times for only a few short minutes though. I never had to wait long enough there to be able to play a long time. After that, I didn’t see this game again for over a decade.

Mario Bros. was included with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for the Game Boy Advance. It was just a little bonus to the game, but I had a lot of fun with it. Most recently, a version of Mario Bros. came with Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U. I think the newer versions are almost exactly the same as the original with the one exception being the size of the fireball hazards. The older version had much bigger fireballs, making them much harder to dodge or avoid. Even with that change, Mario Bros. was a hard game.

Mario Bros. was one of the first platformer games. Enemies came out of pipes at the top of the screen. Mario had to jump into the platform just below the enemies to flip them upside down. He then had to jump on top of the platform to “kick” them off the playing field. There were four enemy types that appeared in different combinations on each level. The game had a nice balance to it. In my best game, I was able to get to around the twentieth phase (or level), more than I could get to in most arcade games. It was still a hard game though.

Mario Bros. was one of those endless arcade games. It could not be beaten. The goal of the player was to get the highest score they could possibly get. No matter how could the player was, they would eventually lose. I’m sure many players had competitions to see who could get the highest score. To me, the game has pretty much just been a fun bonus included with some of my other games. It couldn’t really compare to my newer games, but I had fun with it.


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