Video Game Thoughts: Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is a 2015 multiplayer online battle arena game by Blizzard Entertainment for the PC. I got to play this game during the alpha testing, being one of the lucky few to get an invite during the closed testing period. Heroes of the Storm sort of represented the end of my serious gaming hobby. In the past, I would start playing a game like Heroes of the Storm and then focus on it intensely until I was a master and had made vast progress in the game. That changed with Heroes of the Storm. I couldn’t play it at first because it was Lent and I had given up video games for Lent, but even after, I didn’t get the same pull to keep playing like I used to. After a week or so I went back to my existing goal of finishing up loose ends in several games before uninstalling them for good.

After finishing the goal, I decided to try the game out again. This time I found it more fun than before. I think it was because I had a different mindset than before. Before, I went into the game with my typical mindset of “I have to do and see everything.” This was how I had played games for years, but that was changing. My new mindset was “Is there some fun to be had in this game without a huge commitment?”. The answer to the question when applied to Heroes of the Storm was “yes.” I played just one character, a healer that supported the rest of the team and had a lot of fun. Because it was a free-to-play game, I could drop in and out on a whim without losing much. However, even then I decided to put it down after a few months.

I just decided one day that I didn’t want to play games where new content is constantly being added to the game. It always made me feel like I was playing catch-up. Video games are one of many things I like to do. I don’t want them to dominate my life, so I no longer play games where I feel I have to play a certain number of hours per week to keep up with other players. It’s especially hard in group-based games like Heroes of the Storm. Any friends I make progress far ahead of me with how sparse my playtime is. There was nothing wrong with the gameplay. I just don’t want to be playing these types of games anymore. Because of this, my time with Blizzard Entertainment’s games is mostly over. I had a long run with their games, but it’s time to move on. If they ever make single player games again, I would be very interested in trying them out, but that’s not the direction the company is going in.


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