Video Game Thoughts: Scrolls

Scrolls was an online collectible card game by Mojang for the PC. When I played the game, it was still in beta status, but they started selling it early. I got it when the beta version was released in Spring 2013. Unlike Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, this game had an upfront price to play it. From the reviews I read and watched it looked like fun collecting cards, but the game never hooked me. It was just a little too slow to get new cards. The cheapest way to get new cards was buying the single random card packs, but it took about thirty minutes of play to get the gold for those. Even then, it was a random card, which sometimes didn’t fit in my deck. It just felt too slow, especially after I had already paid upfront for this game. I could see a game like Hearthstone doing this because it was free-to-play, but not a paid game like Scrolls.

Despite the slow grinding for new cards, there were a few other things that bothered me. The developers didn’t post updates often enough. There would be no new posts on the official site for a month. There were no official forums either, so I had to check fansites for any news. They did have Twitter accounts, but updates were infrequent there as well. For a beta test the game updates were pretty slow. I’ve done a lot of beta tests over the years, and there are usually huge changes every month. Many times I wasn’t sure if the game would last. One thing I hate is putting a lot of time into a game that ends up disappearing. Mojang made tons of money on Minecraft. I know they had the money to speed things up.

The multiplayer in this game also gave me problems. It wasn’t the game itself, but my own flawed body. Whenever I play solo competitive multiplayer games, my heart starts pounding. I’m generally okay when it’s just friends, but online my body just goes crazy when there is a high chance of losing (50%). After an hour of playing I really start to feel sick. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night either. This isn’t a problem with Scrolls. I have this same problem with solo competitive multiplayer in all games. I decided earlier this year that my health was more important than any game. I no longer play games where solo competitive multiplayer is the focus. Competitive multiplayer with a team is usually fine, but Scrolls is a one versus one game.


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