Video Game Thoughts: Trine 2

Trine 2 was a 2011 platformer game by Frozenbyte that I played on the PC. The game continued the story from the first Trine game. Like the first game the player had three heroes to switch between, each with their own skills and abilities. The player had to use their unique skillsets together to complete levels. It had only 12 levels like the first one, but this time they cut the purchase price in half. With that change, this game was more than good enough value for money.

Aside from a general polishing all around, the number one improvement they made was in the graphics. The first game had a nice graphical style but technically outdated graphics. In this sequel they brought the graphics up to par with modern games. There were several scenes that just looked amazing. Playing this game brought back memories of playing Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong-Quest (DKC2) on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Like Trine 2, DKC2 also had amazing scenes. Of course there were other games on PC with better graphics, but Trine 2 was perfect for the type of game that it was. It didn’t need any better graphics quality.

I also liked how they added more types of collectibles to the game. In addition to the treasure in each level like the first game had, they added poems and paintings. At various points the player could open up a book or scroll and find a voice-acted poem. Other places had a very cool high-res painting to admire. Better yet, finding all of the secrets unlocked a secret level in the Goblin Menace expansion.

The puzzles were improved as well. The puzzles in the first game were generally too easy. I always knew what I had to do. It was just a matter of performing the moves properly to progress. With the sequel they added lots of switches and pressure plates to manipulate earth, water, fire, air, and even light. The puzzles were so refreshing every level, I never got bored.

Goblin Menace expansion

I have nothing but praise for the expansion. The graphics got even better than the original levels. It had the best level in the entire game: in the sky with clouds, lightning, and wind. Mario games have had some levels like this, but never with the deep and refreshing puzzles these Trine 2 levels had. I guess the story was a little generic with goblins attacking, but at least the base game and the expansion were self-contained. When I completed the base game, I got a full and complete ending. The expansion started its own story and had its own conclusion. Too many movies, books, TV shows, and video games these days leave the story hanging to force people to buy the next one.


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