Video Game Thoughts: Goldeneye 007

Goldeneye 007 was a 1997 first-person shooter game by Rare for the Nintendo 64. Goldeneye was only my third game for the Nintendo 64, but it was a revolutionary game for video game consoles. It single-handedly ushered in the first-person shooter on video game consoles. Not only did the developers prove that a first-person shooter could work on console, Goldeneye was actually better than most first-person shooters on the their flagship PC platform. Every PC gamer wanted to play this game, and they were really jealous that it was only for consoles.

The single player followed the story of the GoldenEye James Bond film plus a few extra bonus missions. What was cool about the missions were the three difficulty levels: Agent, Special Agent, and OO (double-O) Agent. These didn’t just change the enemies’ accuracy and speed, but also unlocked new areas of the levels with new mission objectives. On top of that, there were a bunch of cool things to unlock for beating each mission on certain difficulties in very quick time limits. It took me forever to unlock everything, but it was really gratifying. I loved going back through with all the best cheats and trying new things I couldn’t before.

The developers could have stopped there, and Goldeneye 007 would have still gotten good reviews, but they didn’t. They added a massive multiplayer mode. It was a competitive arena mode. Players would agree on an arena map to play on, which weapons would be available, how many lives players would have before they were out, how much time the match would last, and many other settings. Then, up to four players could simultaneously compete to see who had the best aim and got the most kills. This was a great party game, and everyone with a Nintendo 64 was doing Goldeneye tournaments. The multiplayer was made even better by tons of unlockables from the single player. Anything from characters to weapons to new maps could be unlocked. All the characters played the same, but everyone had their favorite look.

Of all my Nintendo 64 games, Goldeneye 007 was my friends’ favorite. Any of them that didn’t have a Nintendo 64 was regularly asking to spend the night, so they could play Goldeneye. We were teenagers. We were getting older and wanted to play realistic games. Goldeneye, for its time, had top of the line graphics. No one could stop playing it. Overall, it was probably my third favorite game on the Nintendo 64, not the best, but extremely close.


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